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i trembled, my light swiveling from side to side as i fast walked. my heart seemed to be in both my throat and my ears, i walked, hoping once my 'task' was done i could finally be relieved of this hell. i walked and walked, my legs were beginning to feel numb as the cold night set into them. i trembled fearfully, afraid i might not be able to get away if the need called for it all because my legs would be unable to work.

i forced myself into a light jog and continued through the forest, as i went my light reflected onto something. approaching it i realized it was an old one tanker, circling it i noticed there was no paper, maybe only on certain locations? i kept walking, momentarily distracted by my find, i walked along the path and found that tunnel again, then another thought found me. what if there are no pages? what if that...THING found me before i found them? unnerved i walked faster, i walked along the path, fearing if i left it IT would get me. i walked until i noticed a turn in the path, making the turn cautiously i realized the trees in the area had been cut, i walked through them until i noticed something swaying. fearfully i approached it and realized it was a page! i grabbed it, ignoring the message on it as i backtracked and continued the path, i walked until i reached some rather large stones. with a glimmer of hope i turned and walked within them, i wove my flashlight around them but spotted no paper.

frustrated i cursed and turned,  only to run directly into IT. i screamed and ran for it, dropping my flashlight but it was too late. the black tendrils he possessed in cased me. i struggled for dear life, managing to escape, i bolted as fast as i could, my heart raced as i stumbled through the forestry, bumping into trees and tripping over the debree littered everywhere. not knowing where i was i ran until crashed into a large cylindrical object. fearfully i moved my fingers along it, trying to find my way around it, trying  to get as far from HIM as i could, but when my cold fingers grasped something thin and crinkly i froze. slowly i pulled the object closer and peered at it as best i could. was a paper!

8/8 papers found

i shouted for joy, my task was complete! with a mad shout i raised my arms and called to be saved.


i looked around, perhaps i must walk out? must i wait for day? confused i continued walking. what was to happen now? was this how it ended? was i to stay here for all time? i stopped and thought for a moment. maybe i needed to gather my reward? i turned to return to the silo, but all i felt was HIM and the last thing i saw was his face before it all went black.


yaaay! played the game 'slender' a few days ago, really didn't understand it at first until slendy found me XD i haven't gotten past finding 2/8 pages yet, but I'm formulating a plan, the game is open for download to anybody who wants to play it, just ask and ill link ^^ hope you all enjoyed my little story, of coarse it was slender inspired XD if you want more just message me, ill keep writing if i get 15 comments that say 'More Slender' then ill know its wanted ^^


if i DO get the 15 comments it WILL be a full blown story, with named characters, basic plot, ect.

: OR:

if you want any other storied or wish me to make a story out of other things (anything accepted unless my morals say no) just go ahead and ask ^^ note me if you want the request to be personal and anonymous.

bye now! :wave:
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FenniEni Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You should make me something.. maybe we can do a trade? You write me whatever you want (It could even have something to do with the rp) and I will draw you whatever you want? xD I am so evil making you choose everything. Sorry.

AND AND AND AND AND, This was very VERY awesome. I loved it. :D AND I MEAN LOVED IT~~ <3 <3 I could fav this so many more times. <3
klevry1 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha you choose XD
FenniEni Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmmmm, I will have to think on this I suppose.
klevry1 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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