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Okay, didnt know yesterday was the first day until after CTE TnT i need those classes and i have to wait tilli go school today before i can see if i can still go. No homework on the firat day, and since i passed all mymath anymore would be elective credit. School is boring, i miss kindergarten.during lunch i nearly had a panic attack with all the noise and people.

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Tag: post 10 things about yourself then tag 5 people

1) i have a BIG fear of people
2) i have difficulty translating thoughts into words.
3) i have a fear of rabbits
4) i suck at realism
5) i live in a garage
6) i have 7 siblings in my house
7) i thought i was not going to be able to attend my school a a senior this year
8) my dad owns a mostly wolf dog at his home
9) im a terrible liar
10) i have a fear of zombies to such an extent i cant play any video games that hav zombies.
PuzzlingPredicament Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Good luck~! :D
I hope it all works out!!
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August 21, 2012